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"Every time a woman has to leave the workforce and can't come back, the national productivity declines. "-Madeleine Kunin, American ex-governor and politician Women Power@Work is an initiative supported by The Times of India that aims at bringing women who have taken a break from work, back into the workforce. The initiative, through seminars, training workshops and access to employers will provide career resources and a service support system to mid-career professional women enabling them to overcome challenges and return to working life.

Women make up nearly one-fourth of the Indian workforce. The economic empowerment of women is quite easily the most powerful social change of our times. However, many working women in their 20s and 30s are increasingly facing the need of choosing between work and family, incomes and responsibilities. When they drop out of work, it's hard to get back to their careers and regain the momentum they once enjoyed. Thousands of Indian women have voiced their fears of going back to the workplace. Many of them don't ever get their old job back based on their qualifications, and are forced to work at much lower salaries than they used to. aims at being a one-stop solution in empowering working women with everything they need to regain their jobs. We believe that true leadership is more than making women reach the workplace; it's also about enabling them and giving them the confidence to get on with their careers. Our multi-step process includes panel discussions, counselling sessions and corporate associations. We believe that empowerment always starts at home, so we're dedicated in partnering with service providers for child, elder and home care while the working woman can fully resume her journey back to the workplace.

It's time for working women on sabbaticals to go back and get the life and career they deserve based on their incredible talent, because the truth is: they aren't doing anything wrong.