70% of young Guj women jobless

The Times of India Mumbai, April 4, 2014

Times News Network

The state government may be celebrating the next two weeks as the "women's empowerment fortnight". But the Census 2011 data, which was released recently, shows that nearly 70.33% of the women in Gujarat who are in their prime working age group of 15 years to 34 years, are of no economic value for their families or state.

In this age group, only 16.75 lakh of the 1.02 crore women have jobs and are categorized as "main workers" -or who contribute to the family's income. Astonishingly, there are 1.01 crore non-working population in the 15-34 age group in the state -those who do not contribute to the economy -and of these 82.31 lakh are women.

Out of these, 55.68 lakh women or 67.65% are engaged in household duties. There are 19.37 lakh women in the 15-34 age group who are students, many of them handling domestic responsibilities too, while there are 3.19 lakh dependents. In many cases, families do not support women doing outdoor jobs.