Tata: Second Career Internship Programme (Tata SCIP)

In keeping with the Tata spirit of addressing larger issues in the ecosystem, a strong need was felt to provide avenues to talented and qualified women managers who had taken a break for family or other reasons and were keen to come back to the workforce. Tata Second Career Internship Programme (Tata SCIP) was launched on Women's Day in 2008 to provide precisely such a platform.

SCIP is a career transition management programme for women professionals who have taken a break of 6 months-8 years for any reason, and wish to re-enter the professional space. The programme provides opportunities for such women to take on flexi-hour assignments with various Tata group companies. It is an intermediary programme to harness alternative talent pools and facilitate career transitions. An average of 80-90 women come to the Group through this programme each year.

Since 2011 SCIP is an 'online-ongoing' programme. Projects are added through the year on the portal. Aspirants can now log onto to view, select and apply for 'live business projects', online, throughout the year, just like any other job portal. They can also register with the site if they do not want to apply for a specific project. The Tata SCIP team taps into these profiles when opportunities arise.

Around 30,000 women have registered since 2008. The quality of talent pool is excellent with rich experience and education from some of the best institutes in India and across the world. A unique feature of the programme has been the continued connect that the Group has continued to maintain with those who have finished their projects through Tata SCIP. Several women have returned to full time work not just with the Tata group but also other corporates while some ventured out as entrepreneurs.