The Park Hotel: Welcome Back

At Apeejay Surrendra Park Hotels, Welcome Back focuses on rehiring ex-team members with a positive performance record and displayed contribution and commitment during their past tenure.

Methods of staying connected with ex-employees:

  • Social Media: The Park Connect on Facebook and Linked In
  • Refer A Buddy program: Our Employee Referral Scheme/li>
  • Word of Mouth: via our current team members

Positives of the Welcome Back Program:

  • Alums already understand and appreciate the company's culture and values.
  • They are aware of the business, policies and processes.
  • There is a lower cost per hire
  • Faster productivity is evident
  • Higher retention rate
  • A re-hire almost always has a positive effect on the current work force, who see ex-employees returning back to the fold. It enhances levels of engagement.

Key factors considered before re-hiring:

  • The alum's exit circumstances are carefully reviewed
  • Their previous track record and activities or experiences while on a break
  • The alum's competency for the current business requirements and work scenario.
  • Current team members who were former peers of the alum should not be unfairly disturbed due to the re-appointment.

In overall, the Welcome Back Program is a successful hiring and engagement initiative at The Park Hotels.