Hindustan Unilever: Career by Choice

Career by Choice, aims at providing opportunities to women with more than 2 years of relevant prior experience to work on live business projects ranging from 6 months to a year. It is also an opportunity to structure work around one's life, as flexible working is an important pillar of the program.

It is a clear talent strategy for HUL. In the last three years, through the program HUL has had access to a diverse talent pool of women who have helped deliver business critical projects. Till date 37 women have worked under the CBC Program. They have worked in all disciplines including Marketing, Customer Development, Supply Chain, Information Technology, Research and Development and HR.

Career By Choice is HUL's signature programme as they have been pioneers in designing a returnship program which focuses on real business projects. Launched in 2011, the program reached out to the relevant talent pool in multiple ways. A multi step communication & employee referral program was introduced. Self-application through the careers section of our company portal is a key-sourcing channel as well.