What are the 10 tips for dressing for an interview?

1. Dress as per the specified dress code (If mentioned)

2. If Dress code not specified, wear clothes as per the role that you are applying for, do a good homework on the Company's dress code policy.

3. Smell good, not loud.

4. Have a strong contrast in clothes, light top and dark bottom, no sheer tops.

5. Create a focal point near or around the face so that interviewer stay focused on your face. For example: make-up or bright accessories like neckpiece or a scarf.

6. Your shoes talk a lot about your attitude; wear clean-polished, well- maintained shoes that make less noise.

7. Dress as per your body shape and not just for the sake of dressing up for an interview.

8. Do not over-dress and look like a sweat mat.

9. Do not overload yourself with bags, documents and mobile etc. Less is more, organize yourself appropriately.

10. Have a confident Body Language

11. Look your best and smile; opportunity come to those who get noticed.

A firm handshake -it's important!

A firm handshake reflects equal strength and enthusiasm; hence you must ensure that the handshake is done from web to web. A dead fish handshake reflects disinterest or low energy. A handshake talks a lot about you and your personality therefore it is very important to know the correct way to do it.

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