What is the importance of body language?

In order to understand the importance of body language let us look at an eye opener research by Albert Mehrabian.

It should be noted here that 55% importance of visual communication is only due to facial expression, which is one element of body language. If you add other elements of body language like gestures, postures, eye contact etc. the percentage will be much higher.

Recruiters rely a lot on body language signs of the interviewee knowingly or unknowingly. In fact in many cases the wooden top tables have got replaced with glass top or no table so that the body language signs can be visible clearly.

A firm handshake -it's important!

A firm handshake reflects equal strength and enthusiasm; hence you must ensure that the handshake is done from web to web. A dead fish handshake reflects disinterest or low energy. A handshake talks a lot about you and your personality therefore it is very important to know the correct way to do it.

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