When next gen girls inherit the kingdom

Now, it is the story of this woman's daughter, or daughter-in-law, jumping into this space, pushing at its seams and expanding this niche to add, experiment and innovate her mom or mom-in-law's legacy to inflate it to glory. Chandigarh has a set of chic ventures in food and beauty, initiated by some women with spunk. While these women have cultivated these businesses with years of passion, now it is the turn of their girls to chisel these empires to modern day professional perfection. Chandigarh Times brings to you four such stories of mothers and their next generation of girls who are chartering familiar territory in ingenious strides.

A different saas-bahu saga

Neelu Grewal & Rabia

Herself a second generation entrepreneur, Neelu Grewal took over the beauty reins from her mother who was one of the first beauty experts to have established in Chandigarh. Having added to her mother's inheritance, Neelu expanded into Innoxa in Sector 8 years ago as a professional aesthetician. Coincidentally, Neelu is now gifted with a daughter-in-law who herself is a trained aesthetician from abroad. As Rabia comes in with her modern talent, with special emphasis on hair cuts and styling, the salon is being benefited from Rabia's young creativity that promises to infuse new vitality into Neelu's efforts at providing quality beauty services to the Tricity, without scaling up on the price meter.

Staying consistent

Ruby Singh & Neha Singh

Girl In The Cafe is one place that was a brainwave of a daughter, Neha Singh and the contagion soon caught on to her mom, Ruby. Since Ruby was the foodie, Neha took over the marketing, adding and championing gigs and special concepts like Wednesday Ladies and karaoke nights. In three years since the duo set up their two joints in city, the place prides itself on consistency, both in terms of food and their themed nights, without diluting its core philosophy of making food as their mainstay. Though married now, Neha continues to run the place with her special elan at organizing events in-house.

The gloss girl

Annu and Pahull Bains

The uber furbished, The Pewter Room and its lounge concept, The Blue Blazer took genesis as a family discussion between the Bains a few years ago. Annu Bains took over the creative wheel, doing up the interior architecture, designing the menu and overlooking the daily workings of a restaurant. Though relatively a new baby in city, the place flourished soon and sat pretty on top of the food industry. Pahull, Annu's daughter, smoothly amalgamated into the business and now overlooks its brand positioning, aided with her international insight fetched from her extensive travels across the globe. With the family having launched yet another venture, Brooklyn Central, the mother-daughter team has taken over its running, with total customization coming from in-house members.

The mutual compliment

Monica and Gayatri Sood

Monica Sood started baking from her home kitchen twenty years ago. What started as a way to satisfy her personal urges to provide quality birthday cakes to friends and family turned into roaring cakes, puddings and pies venture that retained the ethics of home baked products. While Monica concentrated on her mantra of feeding clients 'what a mother would feed her child', she is happy that her daughter, Gayatri expressed passion to join her mom's industry. Trained as a pastry chef from Paris, on her return to India Gayatri worked in five-star kitchens to gain insight apart from bakery since Monica was on her way to opening her first dining-in restaurant, Cafe Kaffee Kuchh. Gayatri is the icing on Monica's cake today. She has introduced the city to macaroons and French tarts, as the first step. If Monica has years of baking experience, Gayatri is complimenting her mom with professional finesse, and the duo are constantly drawing from each other's well.