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Research proves that women make successful entrepreneurs! Women Power @ Work believes in the ability of our women to step out independently to build careers that hone their skills and interests. Towards this vision, we will create avenues for growth, training and mentorship for aspiring women entrepreneurs.

Below are companies that provide lucrative opportunities to get you started on this journey. Keep a keen eye on this zone for future developments.

Contact the companies below to avail of the opportunity!

Entrepreneurship Opportunities

Image Consulting Business Institute

About Image Consulting Business Institute

Image Consulting Business Institute is the pioneer in India and the biggest brand in the world in Image Management space. Image Management is all about developing your inner strengths and at the same time reflecting them on the outside through managing your appearance consisting of clothing, grooming, body language and etiquette.

Become an Image Consultant

If you are interested in one of the safest, most lucrative, most gratifying and respectable self employment based second career, then becoming an Image Consultant and Soft Skills Trainer is probably the best option for you. ICBI also offers full support to set up and successfully operate your independent Image Consulting and Soft Skills Training practice.

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Conscious Food

About Conscious Food

Conscious Food is India's pioneering Organic & Natural food Company with an endeavor to contribute in keeping the earth and its people healthy by providing natural and organic food products.

We support and encourage small organic farmers by sourcing all our products from them. We are focused on providing 'employment with dignity' and give preference to under - privileged women for employment at our facilities at Parel, Mumbai. We are certified by ECOCERT an inspection and certification body for Organic, fair trade and good agricultural practices (GAP) as an officially certified Trading House. We aim to make more and more people aware of the benefits of Organic food and help them stay healthy.

Currently we have more than 100 natural and organic products in different categories starting from rice, cereal, pulses, spices, oils to healthy snacks. Our consumers know us for our product range and excellent quality.

Looking For:

Conscious Food believes in encouraging and empowering women. It is focused on providing employment with dignity. This is an opportunity for women to get financially independent by following their passion for good health and desire to do something for the society and mother earth.
We are looking for women who would be interested in being an evangelist for Conscious Food. They could do this in the following ways.
1. Sell Conscious Food products from the comfort of their homes
2. Set up a franchise of their own
3. If they are already into food business, expand their range.

If you are a confident woman advocating the importance of incorporating healthy nutrition into everyday living and want to preserve the earth, contact us to explore this opportunity.

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About Timbor

Timbor Skillvarsity's specialized course in kitchen design, 'kitchengineer' is a 100% job-oriented course, focused on preparing learners for their foray into the exciting and lucrative world of kitchens.

One of the first Institutes in India to provide a focused course in Kitchen Design; we provide recognized accreditation, quality training, continuing professional development and a supportive network for kitchen designers, while maintaining the highest standards through engaging in ongoing learning activities to keep up to date with industry practices, consumer trends and new product developments.

Our mission of 'Be Skilled. Be Employed' is supported by the Kitchengineer course structure that focuses majorly on the practical aspects of learning and is integrated with theoretical classroom based development. Global industry affiliations, experienced faculty and a passion to create a skilled taskforce separate us from the norm.


Freelance consultant
Practice from home
Open a showroom
Represent an international brand

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