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From which cities can women register?

Women can register from any cities in India. Our interactive sessions, called Talking Tour meets are scheduled in 8 major cities of India - Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Pune and Ahmedabad.

I am over 50 and am keen to revive my career. Can I apply? Is there a maximum age limit to register?

There is no maximum age limit. However, since the working age-limit is set to 60 years of age in India, a woman over 60 years of age might gain only limited benefits from this initiative.

What are the minimum years of work experience I need to have to register?

You need to have a minimum of 2 years work experience to register for the Talking Tour

I have less than 2 years of work experience. Can I register?

Women with less than 2 years of age may register. However, preferences will be given to women who have held a full-time job for a minimum of 2 years.

I have worked in Government service. Can I register?

Yes. All women belonging to the Organised Service Sector can register.

I have worked in the Public Sector. Can I register?

Yes. All women belonging to the Organised Service Sector can register.

Is there such an opportunity for women who are not professionally qualified?

Unfortunately, we currently serve only professionally qualified women on our platform.

What are the professional qualifications that I must have to apply?

For eligibility, you need to have a graduation degree from any stream and any country. However, applicants must be Indian citizens or must have the right to work in India.

How do I apply or register?

Please log on to and register online to attend the Talking Tour in your relevant city.

Can I send my resume? Where should I send my resume?

You may send your resume to for the time being.

What can I do if I can not access the registration page?

You will have to contact your internet service provider, as our registration happens online only or write to us at

What do I need to have to fill up the registration form?

All you need to have to fill up the registration form is a few minutes of undivided attention and the ability to attend the Talking Tour meet in your city when we host it.

The cities that will host the Talking Tours will be - Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Pune and Ahmedabad. Complete details like time, date, venue etc. will be uploaded on the website shortly.

The only information we need from you is:

  • Your previous job title
  • The number of years for which you took a work gap (not more than 8 years)
  • The type of industry who were previously working in/ want to work again in
  • The reason you took your work break

What do I take care of while filling up the form?

Type your details carefully and correctlyVerify your data before clicking on the submit button. Avoid clicking on the BACK button of your browser.

Please Write your complete Postal Address, Mobile Number & Email Id correctly in the registration form

How do I get my registration pass for the Talking Tour?

After you fill up the form and click on the submit button, you will get a 'Thank You' page that will inform you that your registartion has been successful.

The Talking tour pass is generated online & we need to Click the Print Button & download the PDF,which will function as your registration pass for the Talking Tour.You can Print the pass directly or save it & print a hard copy later.

My browser is not loading properly, what should I do?

Try IE8 with no add-ons (All Programs/Accessories/System Tools). Reset IE (Tools/Internet Options/Advanced/Reset). Reboot modem, router, and PC. Use Chrome as my default Browser Make sure you are up to date via Windows Update (but don't install IE9 or drivers). Make sure Flash Player is up to date via Control Panel/FlashPlayer/Advanced/Check Now. Only if installed update Java. Adobe Reader is mandatory.

In case you are on the registration page, please do not click on the back button or reload, perhaps due to poor internet connection, the registration process may take more time than usual. For any other page, in case you find difficulty in the page loading, please refresh and log on again.

I filled up the form correctly but did not get the gate pass. What do I do?

In such case, please e -mail your contact details and details that you keyed in while registering online and send to - We will revert to you with clarifications and issue the needful for you to attend our Talking tour sessions.

I cannot see the venue and panelist details on the website. How do I know where to go on the Talking Tour session date that I have selected?

All the venue and panelist details will be visible on the website prior to the date of the Talking Tour sessions. Rest assured, we will inform you about the venue in advance. Keep checking for all the details.

I could not download my gate pass. What should I do?

Use Chrome as my default Browser , Adobe Acrobat Reader is Mandatory for you to print your Talking Tour Pass.

How long does it take for the online registration pass to download?

The Talking Tour Pass , is Dynamically Generated, please do not close your browser session, otherwise you will not be able to Print Your Pass. The Pass takes minimum 7-10 Secs to load, on normal internet speed. Kindly be patient with the internet bandwidth as it depends on machines & connections you have logged on through.