Oct 16, 2014 12:10 pm
Aditi Shah

I am:

I am a mom who started singing and dancing for her kids. I am very creative, be it in designing homes or projects and activities for little children. Over the past three years, I have founded two successful businesses in the children’s activities space: Musical Bonding and Kids Club.

Before being a Mom:

I was an Architect working on exclusive, high-end residential projects in the US for seven years. After Keval’s birth, I switched to a work-from-home routine. We spent mornings at the Zoo, Sea World, Wild Animal Park, Lego Land, Science Museum, or at other parks and beaches in San Diego. I would start working in the afternoon. This continued even after Hritika was born.

While looking for enriching activities for Keval, I discovered The Music Class in San Diego. We saw firsthand the benefits of music. Today, there is peer-reviewed research published in respected academic journals that proves what we sensed then – that music, with a parent’s active participation, accelerates a child’s emotional and language development.

Why I made the change:

When we moved to Mumbai, I realized that I could not go back to full time architectural work with two small children. We did not have a social circle for our children. Moreover, we wanted to provide Hritika the same musical environment that Keval had benefitted so much from. So I started Musical Bonding. One thing led to another and now Musical Bonding is at 14 locations across Mumbai with a team of 12 teachers – all highly qualified mothers working part-time and fulfilling their passion to work with children.

Two years ago, I founded Kids Club in Khar as a hub for children’s activities. Kids Club has become a place where many mothers derive personal and professional satisfaction from creating and offering activities. For example, I co-created Playscape, an indoor theme-based, air conditioned playground in 2011.

How do I manage:

I cannot imagine doing what I am doing now without the support and encouragement of my mother-in-law. The best thing about my work is that I have total flexibility. I very often take my kids with me to work where they and their band of friends constantly inspire me. I decide my working hours as long as they add up to more than 12 a day which means answering these questions well past midnight!

In the future:

The journey so far has been incredibly fun and satisfying. I want Kids Club to be the best platform for children and adults to discover or rediscover their passions and pursue them through a mix of unique activities. Musical Bonding has started its next phase of expansion beyond Mumbai. We already have a center in Indore. I want Musical Bonding to become the avenue of choice for entrepreneurial women to enter the children’s activities space with a well structured, high quality program delivered in a fun environment.


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