Nov 06, 2014 7:11 pm

We read about this in the papers or books, or we see it in the movies but we always think this can never happen to anyone I know. We prefer turning a blind eye rather than being aware and be aware of not just strangers our children may be intermingling with, but even of those within the family and friends circle. Yes, its hard to believe but someone known to you may be molesting or abusing your child.


The other day I had gone to the park and i noticed this young fellow who seemed to be waiting for someone. Later I saw a young girl, the help, dragging a four year old and telling him, 'run, run, you need to run some more, just one more round'. She finally stopped by the young fellow and some kind of conversation ensued between them while the child listened out. There seemed to be tension in the air. Then, in a split second the young fellow struck the girl and the child watched this in stunned silence.


The parents of the child had sent him to the park with their reliable help in total faith and with the best intentions but what actually happens in their absence is something they are not aware of. Time and again one has heard of so many such incidents wherein children are exposed to various interactions or dialogues which are not meant for their innocent minds and we are so unaware and oblivious to it.


So all parents, do make surprise checks, land up home or at the play ground or park unexpectedly, be watchful and aware, listen to when your children are conveying a message to you, if they are repeatedly reluctant to go with a particular person, if they indulge in behavior that is too adult for their age, if they use language which is not used by you, as a parent you need to be constantly and consistently alert. Even the most trusted person may betray your trust. This does not mean look at everyone with suspicion and distrust but be aware and alert. As far as possible avoid your child being alone with any one single person for long spells.


For working parents another option is a reliable Day Care Centre and more and more corporates are now including this facility in their program. It helps provide a stress free environment for the parent as the Day Care is in the premises of their office and when run by professionals, the atmosphere provided for the child is a safe and secure one.


As we all know, children are very vulnerable and it is our moral duty to ensure and prevent any kind of abuse a child might be exposed to as it leaves a long lasting effect on them and hence we need to BeAware.

- Meera Khurana


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