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What's your Interest! Women Power @ Work believes that every individual has an inborn interest or passion that can be channeled into a fruitful career with appropriate guidance. Fill this survey to help us know what is of high interest to you so that we can create a value chain of opportunities and training to get you started on the right foot!

Interests Important Semi Important Not Important
Digital content
Blog writer
Jewelry designer
Financial Planner
Zumba/Salsa/ Instructor
Open a coaching institute
Social Entrepreneur
CSR consultant/ GRI reporter
Image Management Consulting
Open a Finishing School
Shopping Advisor
Mystery Shopper
Wellness experts
Social Media Management
Personal Coaching
Interests Important Semi Important Not Important
Counselling for Children
Wedding Planning
Event Management
Baking /Cooking
Gourmet Food Chef
Design/Creative Consultant
Bridal dressing
Creating Jingles
Interior Designer
Fashion Designer
Makeup- Skincare-Styling