Oct 15, 2014 6:10 pm

I Am:

Got married to an Army officer soon after my post-graduation in 1996. Aware of it's effects on my professional life, I stayed determined, explored new avenues and identified my personal strengths.

Before my Career Break:

Opted to pursue teaching, completed a B.Ed degreeand began teaching in a nursery school in Pune. However, had to take a break when my husband got posted to a field are and then we moved to Bangalore.

My Journey:

With more options in Bangalore, I taught for a while in a few schools on shorter stints and soon realized that my learning curve was regressing. I tried to stay up to date and explored more challenging career options. Human Resource Management, caught my interest and Irealised I should have explored thisa long time back. I love interacting with people and I really liked the idea of constantly engaging with people, understanding their aspirations, and mapping them against the organization's requirements.

I studied PGHRM to understand the dynamics of building and enhancing relationships that support the growth of an organization. Transitions are never easyand I started my career with a small consultancy in Bangalore. Working for a corporate firm was a dream and I aspired to achieve it someday!

IEventually, we shifted base from Lebanon - Bangalore - Delhi. Taking up brief stints with corporates helped me to stay engaged but also weakened my chances of getting a permanent job as easily. After 8 months of applying with all possible corporate and small firms, I finally got a job with a small IT company.

We then had to shift to Hyderabad, where I took up a project in a Business school. However this assignment,took me away from my area of work - employeeengagement, recruitment, on-boarding and induction activities.

I attended the Talking Tourheld in Hyderabad. The event reaffirmed my belief in the fact that nothing is impossible if you are persistent and resilient. The whole idea was to extendsupport, confidence and opportunity to women, who were qualified and experienced, but without work currently, due to various reasons. Woman @ work:

I was called for an interview by one of the participating organisations in the Talking Tour. I havefinally found a role in the Human Resources function with a reputed, global corporation.

I am grateful to the TOI initiative and the platform provided. We need more and more initiatives like this, to have a diverse workforce for any corporate. Such initiatives not only give employment, but they also boost the confidence of women who are well qualified and deserve another chance to start all over again!


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